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Welcome to the AHI Online Afghan Hound Pedigree Database.

This database now has 250768 Afghan Hound pedigrees and 22171 photographs, and is continually being developed to document the past, present, and future of the Afghan Hound. By connecting these 250768 pedigrees together, one giant pedigree is created with Afghan Hounds from around the world and through time.

The AHI Database is a combination of several peoples individual efforts over many years from around the world to provide as accurate information as possible on our hounds and to preserve this for future generations. We would greatly appreciate any help you can give to this project either by adding dogs not already entered, informing us of any errors and by granting us permission to use any photographs you have on your website or sending them to the team via email.

Because all the information is continually validated, it will appear only once in the database making it much easier to find what you are looking for. We are continually working on validating ALL the dogs details from various sources, but please bear with us as this will be years of work. If you dog is not entered please do enter him and if any details are incomplete or inaccurate please contact so we can amend the records.

When the correct Afghan Hound has been found you are able to view its pedigree. This displays the selected Afghan Hound, the parents, the grandparents and the great-grandparents. You can click on any of these Afghan Hounds to view their pedigree. This way you can "walk" through a Afghan Hound pedigree and go back many generations.

Because so many pedigrees have been merged into one big collection, many interesting points can be revealed and clearly shown. It is possible to calculate the coefficients of Kinship, Relationship and Inbreeding of any Afghan Hound very accurately. Using such tools, this pedigree database can be an extremely valuable source of information for enthusiasts and used by breeders to research and validate their programs.

To keep a little control over the Afghan Hounds entered into the database only registered members of the website are allowed to enter information into the database. They ARE restricted to modifying only the Afghan Hounds they have entered. Corrections or updates to dogs you have not entered (or if you are not registered) should be forwarded to these will be dealt with as quickly as possible

Registration is free and will remain so, to gain full access to all the elements of this database you are required to register and login

LITTERS & STUD DOGS Search for forthcoming & current litters and Stud dogs available. AHI give no warranty as to quality or fitness of puppies or Stud Dogs on this site & accept no responsibility. Breeders should ensure prospective buyers are vetted & parties interested in litters should check breeders credentials also ensure that credentials are checked before entering into any agreement with Stud dog owners

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PHOTOS - Please ensure that you have the prior permission of the photographer. If you upload or send us a photo we will automatically assume you have the necessary permissions and will accept no responsibility for this other than removing photos at next update if there is any dispute. When adding a photo to a record please complete the 'Photo courtesy of' Field. When uploading a photo you will see the following text "By adding this photo you are confirming that you have permission for use of this photograph on the AHI Database" Once a photo is submitted we are happy to change any photo (eg to a more up to date or preferred one) but once permission has been given it cannot be withdrawn

You may freely link your dogs to their pedigrees on your own personal websites, if you wish to use the pedigree link in any advertisments please consider placing your advert on the AHI also or making a small donation to help cover the costs of the site, including our bandwith costs....thank you

Please do not request removal of pedigrees/dogs from this database as all data on this site is available within the public domain

Whilst every effort is made to ensure accuracy of data on this site, we cannot guarantee that this data is correct

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